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Fun and learning for children aged 4 to 12 years old. With an interactive, progressive, and tailored method to meet their needs. Classes for everyone around the world

What Language Would You Like Your Child to Learn?

With Diluu, fun is guaranteed! We let our imagination fly and turn each class into an exciting adventure that your children won't want to end.

The Pieces of This Puzzle

  • Learn Through Play

    Our mission is for children not to feel like they're in a class and to enjoy every minute with us.
  • A Methodology Created for Them

    In Diluu, your children will learn the language naturally, just like they learned their mother tongue. For example, instead of learning to read and write through grammar lessons, they will do so through theater.
  • Cultural Exchange

    In our classes, children make friends who live in other countries and whose main connection is the language they share. This will make them feel part of a great community and see the usefulness of the language.
  • We Adapt to Their Level

    Our program accommodates learners of all levels, from complete beginners to children who are already proficient and seeking advancement. We're here to support every step of their language learning journey!

  • Cultural Connection

    With Diluu, children will feel connected to their roots and experience the culture that is linked to the language they are learning.
  • From Home

    Our online classes allow your children to feel comfortable and relaxed while learning, in addition to saving you travel time.

Why Does It Work?

Language Immersion

In Diluu each class is an unforgettable experience where children learn through play, singing, and participating in exciting activities while acquiring the language naturally, just like they did with their mother tongue. We are confident that it will become their new favorite activity.

Personalised Learning: Adapting to Their Age, Level, and Needs

Whether your children are beginning learners or already fluent speakers, we have a level that's just right for them. Plus, we offer a variety of schedules to suit any time zone. Convenience for all!

Progressive Classes

We cover learning objectives in each course. At the end of each period, students receive a diploma with their accomplishments and parents receive feedback and a report with suggestions from the teacher.

Lessons Your Children Will Love

  • spanish speaking expat

    Marcela, USA

    I love their teachers and how they teach. My children are excited about the class and, most importantly, that they learn the language while having fun.
    I was looking for spanish for kindergartners and I'm grateful I found Diluu. I am the only one who speaks Spanish at home, and having their help to teach my children has been incredible.

  • latinos abroad


  • latinos abroad


    My daughter and I have been enjoying these classes. They are fun and inclusive for all levels. I was looking for a homeschool Spanish academy and Diluu was a great solution.
    At first, she was shy as she is a beginner learning Spanish, but the classes are fun, engaging, and welcoming. Her confidence has been increasing every week and we both enjoy practicing what she has learned in class throughout the week. Highly recommended.

  • Spanish students


    Laura helped my daughter feel more confident speaking Spanish. At first, she knew only a few words and didn't understand a lot.
    But now she can talk with others and understand most of what they say to her. The classes are fun and exciting, and there is diversity with kids from other countries. I highly recommend Diluu's classes.

  • bilingual students


    We love it! My daughter eagerly looks forward to the classes and has made great progress in her Spanish. The teacher interacts amazingly with all the children in the class. We are happy to have found Diluu's classes 😃.

  • Spanish students


    My son is eager to have his Spanish lesson every Saturday. He loves interacting with his teacher and the other children. He is quite competitive, so he enjoys being the first to say the words they teach him during class. I can see how these lessons have helped him improve his Spanish and gain more confidence in speaking, which is great!

  • Spanish students


    My 6-year-old son has been attending group and individual classes for about a year. He loves the teacher and the interactive way of learning! They are also always punctual and helpful in answering any questions. I highly recommend them!

  • Spanish students


    I am a Latina mom with a 9-year-old son. Diluu is a great solution for the frustration I felt when my son showed no interest in improving his Spanish. They helped me find the best group for him.
    He loves his class with teacher Daniella; it's definitely worth it. Thank you, Diluu, your kids Spanish lessons are the best. I highly recommend it.

  • Spanish students


    My daughter loves her Spanish classes. The learning environment is engaging, enjoyable, and encouraging. We joined their free spanish lessons during the summer to try it out and signed up right away.

    She loves the songs and continues to sing them at home. The teacher is extremely patient, encouraging, and truly makes learning enjoyable. This course has definitely helped my daughter gain confidence in speaking Spanish. She has found it a great way to practice Spanish.

  • Spanish students


    My daughter loves the classes with Alberto because they are captivating and she learns a lot. Plus, she is with kids from all over Europe with whom she has a great bond, besides learning to speak and write in Spanish. We recommend Diluu's classes!
    I was looking for Spanish lessons for kids near me but I couldn't find any option that would adapt to her level. I'm happy I found this online alternative.
  • spanish students


    I wish had teachers like them when I was a child. The classes are online, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Thank you Diluu for showing that children can learn this way too!
    We joined their Spanish classes for toddlers 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier about the progress my daughter is making. She has learned so much Spanish vocabulary. I love that the teachers are native Spanish speakers.

  • Spanish students


    My 5-year-old daughter has greatly improved her Spanish thanks to Laura and Diluu's excellent work. Super fun and the kids learn while having fun. The lessons are engaging and the teacher does a great job at getting all the kids involved. Highly recommended! Great solution for language learning.

    • spanish students


      My son has been attending classes for a few weeks now and he loves them. They are creative, fun, and entertaining, but most importantly the children are learning without even realising it.
      He was a bit shy to speak or read in Spanish, but his confidence has improved a lot. I would recommend their online spanish for kids to any parent looking to improve their children's Spanish. Diluu is a great online Spanish school for kids.

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