Spanish for Kindergartners

Our program for kindergartners, helps kids learn Spanish naturally through games, songs and interactive activities.

Why Choose Our Spanish Classes for Kindergartners?

  • Immersive Learning

    Learning from native teachers will help your kids pick up the language quickly and naturally. Don't worry if your children are beginners, their teacher will support everything they say with visual aids or movements.

  • Native Teachers

    Our teachers have plenty of experience with kindergartners. And the best part is that they will make learning Spanish so fun that it will become your child's favourite activity.

  • Engaging curriculum

    Our Spanish preschool curriculum has a game format so your children will learn Spanish without even realizing it. We use a variety of activities to make learning Spanish fun and effective.
    Our preschool Spanish classes feature a fun and interactive lesson plan for 4-6 year olds where children learn through music, games and fun activities.

  • Small Groups or One to One Lessons

    This ensures each child receives individual attention. Our group lessons are so much fun, children from all over the world join us. This makes many of our students feel part of an amazing community.