Does Mexico Celebrate Thanksgiving? A Closer Look

Thanksgiving is a cherished North American holiday, however, one might wonder: do Mexicans celebrate thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday started in early colonial America. Settlers celebrated their good harvests with special meals.

Most people look at the 1621 feast in Plymouth, called the "First Thanksgiving," as the beginning of this holiday. This feast was a team effort between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe.

However, calling it the "First Thanksgiving" isn't entirely accurate. Many thanksgiving events happened before this one, in both indigenous and European traditions. But is thanksgiving celebrated in Mexico?

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, deeply rooted in the nation’s history and tradition, evolving alongside its growth.

At first, different states celebrated Thanksgiving on different days. But in 1941, the government decided the holiday would be on the last Thursday of November.

does Mexico celebrate thanksgiving

Does Mexico have Thanksgiving?

Unlike the United States, Mexico doesn't usually celebrate Thanksgiving because it comes from a different culture and history.

When Spain explored and took over, Mexico's history went in another direction. Different European countries left their mark on both Mexico and the U.S. during their colonial pasts. This is why each country has its own set of holidays and traditions.

But, because Mexico borders the U.S., Mexico sometimes adopts American traditions like Thanksgiving.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Mexico

When Mexicans celebrate thanksgiving, they incorporate Mexican dishes that mix U.S. traditions with Mexican flavours.

Mexican thanksgiving dishes

What do Mexicans eat for Thanksgiving? Is it merely adding guacamole into traditional dishes?

Let's discuss the most important thing in every celebration: food. In case you where searching for Mexican thanksgiving food ideas, here you have some options that will offer a unique twist to the party.

The food for Mexican Thanksgiving dinner can include pozole alongside turkey or chiles en nogada, showcasing Mexican culinary culture alongside American traditions.

The most typical Mexican thanksgiving recipe is roasted turkey seasoned with Mexican spices. Sides range from Mexican corn salad to refried beans. Some Mexican thanksgiving side dishes are tortilla chips and salsa.

Still craving for more Mexican friendsgiving food ideas? Keep reading, it will be delicious.

Does Mexico Celebrate Thanksgiving?

3 Mexican dishes for thanksgiving that you will love

Here you have some ideas for your next Mexican thanksgiving feast. You always can stick to the classic thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. But if you feel like spicing things up a little, I recommend you also add some of these Mexican delicacies.

Dish 1: Turkey Mole Poblano - A Special Mexican Thanksgiving Dish

What is Mole Poblano? Mole Poblano is a famous dish in Mexico, made with a special sauce that includes chocolate, chilies, and spices. It started in Puebla, Mexico, when nuns mixed chocolate with spices for the first time, creating this unique sauce.

In Mexico, people cook Mole Poblano for important celebrations. It brings people together, making it the perfect for your Mexican thanksgiving menu. It adds a new, tasty twist to the traditional turkey dinner.

Do you need to know how to cook this dish? Find the recipe here.

turkey with mole

Dish 2: Calabaza en Tacha (Sweet Pumpkin)

What's This Dish? Calabaza en Tacha is pumpkin cooked in a sweet syrup with cinnamon. Mexicans love this traditional dish. This dish is sweet, soft, and perfect for dessert.

Great for as a traditional Mexican thanksgiving meal:

This sweet pumpkin dish fits right into Thanksgiving, adding a bit of Mexican tradition to the mix.

This dish goes well with turkey mole or any Thanksgiving meal, offering a sweet balance.

Learn how to cook this dish and surprise your guests. Here is the recipe.

Calabaza en Tacha

Dish 3: Chiles en Nogada - Colourful and Tasty

Chiles en Nogada consist of poblano chilies stuffed with a mixture of meat and fruit. A creamy walnut sauce covers everything, and pomegranate seeds top it off. The dish is full of Mexican pride as it shows the colours of the Mexican flag.

Bringing this dish to your Thanksgiving adds an exciting story and lots of flavours.

Try to find fresh, authentic ingredients for the best taste. Adjust the spices according to what you like.

If you're looking for Mexican recipes for thanksgiving, stay tuned because we're creating the best blog post to help you learn more.

Check out this amazing recipe by Mexican Food Journal.

Chiles en Nogada

Mexican thanksgiving traditions

What happen in Mexico thanksgiving day?

Mexican celebrations mirror the Thanksgiving tradition. They often feature moments where everyone reflects and says thanks. This could happen during toasts, prayers, or when sharing stories and good wishes around the table. Thanksgiving day in Mexico is all about how much family, friends, and the past year's blessings matter.

Community and Giving Back

In the spirit of thankfulness and giving, many Mexican families include charity in their Thanksgiving traditions. They might share food with those in need or help out at shelters. This shows the deep Mexican belief in community and caring for others.

The Night of the Musicians

Thanksgiving might end with "La Noche de los Músicos" (The Night of the Musicians). Here, families and friends enjoy live music, dance, and keep eating into the night. This blend of American Thanksgiving and Mexican parties creates a fun, shared experience that continues after dinner.

Mexican Thanksgiving blends different cultures, focusing on being grateful, family, and the happiness of eating together. By mixing American and Mexican ways, these celebrations make a special experience. They honor Thanksgiving's meaning while showing off Mexico's lively culture and tasty food.

mexican thanksgiving

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