Top Female Singers in Spanish

Female singers in Spanish have brightened music with their voices. Many great female singers in Spanish have given us flamenco tunes in the '90s and pop hits in the 2000s. Keep reading to discover who are the queens of Spanish tunes.

These famous Spanish female singers have made their mark on music. These talented Spanish female vocalists have mastered many styles, from traditional flamenco to modern pop. Their powerful voices have won fans both in Spain and around the world. These singers celebrate deep flamenco songs and catchy pop tunes, making them stars of Spanish music.

In the Spanish music industry, artists explore various music genres and create music videos that showcase their diverse talents.

Who Are the Top Singers in Spain at the Moment?

Meet some of the top Spanish singers female who are making an impact in music right now. These talented women have won over fans in Spain and beyond with their great voices and exciting performances. From new stars to well-known artists, these Spanish female singers are shaping today's Spanish music scene.

Keep reading to learn more about female singers from Spain that are extremely trending at the moment.


Aitana gained fame after participating in "Operación Triunfo," a well-known Spanish singing competition. She has collaborated on songs with well-known Spanish singers like David Bisbal, Sebastian Yatra, and Nicki Nicole.

The Latin Grammy Awards have nominated her twice, including for Best New Artist.

Aitana continues to be a favourite among young music fans in Spain.

Ana Mena

She is another singer who gained popularity in Spain with her lively pop and dance tracks. She often collaborates with other artists, which has helped her music reach a wider audience.

Ana Mena has worked with many artists, boosting her music career. She worked with Argentine singer Khea on the romantic song "Como yo te quiero".

Ana has also made music with Italian artist Fred De Palma, which helped her gain popularity in Italy. Her collaborations span across genres and countries, making her popular in both Spain and Italy.

She is a famous Spanish singer female known for her pop hits and dynamic performances.


She also participated in "Operación Triunfo," where she showcased her vocal talent and gained significant recognition. Her unique style and powerful performances distinguish her.

Popular female Spanish singers have a special place in the hearts of fans. Their tunes are the ones you hear in the streets, the songs that everyone sings along to, uniting people in a shared musical experience.

She has recently released her debut song, titled "Las chicas malas desafinan.

Who Were the Female Spanish Singers That Defined the 90s?

The 1990s were a golden age for female Spanish singers. The era brought us voices that combined the deep emotion of traditional styles with modern sounds. These women told stories of love, loss, and hope, and became icons that transcended borders.

Many female Spanish singers from the 1990s, like Rosario Flores and Luz Casal, became famous for their unique music.

Rosario Flores

Rosario Flores is a famous Spanish singer woman from the 1990s. She blended flamenco with pop in her music and performed with great emotion and energy. As a leading female Spanish singer, her songs about love and strength touched many people's hearts.

Luz Casal

Luz Casal was another important Spanish singer in the 1990s. She combined rock and blues with Spanish styles in her singing. Luz has a deep and powerful voice. Her song "Piensa en mí" became extremely popular, showing her impact as a female Spanish singer during that time.

Who Are the Top latina Singers in Spain at the Moment?

Latin America has produced many famous Hispanic female singers known as Latin lady singers. These artists mix traditional Latin sounds with global influences, creating unique and diverse music.

Keep reading to learn who are the top latina woman Spanish singers.

Nicky Nicole

Nicky Nicole, a rising artist from Argentina, has quickly made a name for herself with her mix of urban and pop sounds. She first gained attention with her single "Wapo Traketero," which became a viral hit.

Nicky's music often explores themes of youth, love, and personal growth, resonating with a young audience worldwide. Her style and ability to mix genres have not only won her fans across the globe but also critical acclaim.

Her use of social media has played a role in her popularity. This helped her connect with fans from Mexico City to the global stage.


Shakira is a famous singer from Colombia. She started her music career when she was young and has become popular all over the world.

Shakira is also famous for her incredible belly dancing skills. Right now, she is popular in Spain because of her catchy songs and energetic performances that connect well with her fans. Her ability to mix different cultures in her music makes her a favorite among many people in Spain.

She lived in Spain for many years and even got married to a Spanish football player. Currently they're no longer together and she's spending more time in Miami. Her single about her husband cheating on her with a 20 year old, BZRP Music Sessions #53, has over 700 million reproductions on Youtube.

Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso is an artist from Argentina who is now extremely popular in Spain. She started her music career a few years ago and is mixes different styles such as jazz, hip-hop, and Latin music. Her songs are powerful and full of energy, which makes people enjoy them.

Nathy stands out because of her unique voice and dynamic performances. Right now, she is popular in Spain for her bold and refreshing music that brings something new to the scene. People in Spain love her for her creativity and the passion she brings to her music.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a chart-topping female artist known for her powerful vocals and influence in urban music. Her songs often climb the Billboard Latin Music charts, showcasing her widespread appeal and talent.

Latin America has produced many influential Spanish-speaking female singers. Their music often blends local styles with African and European influences, creating diverse sounds.

South American female singers like Nicky Nicole and Nathy Peluso have incredible careers ahead.

Spanish Female Singers of the 2000s

As the new millennium dawned, Spanish female singers took the global stage. They mixed genres and languages, bringing Spanish pop and rock to new audiences. With their powerful performances, they earned top spots on international charts.

In the 2000s, several Spanish female singers made significant impacts on the international music scene:

Las Ketchup

This group gained international fame with their song "Aserejé" (also known as "The Ketchup Song") in 2002. The song was catchy, featuring a chorus that was a playful gibberish interpretation of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." It topped charts in many countries and became a dance craze because of its fun and easy-to-learn moves.


Rosalía started her career with a deep foundation in traditional Flamenco music.

Her fresh mix of Flamenco with urban and electronic music made Spanish music exciting and attracted listeners worldwide.

A singer in Spanish female, Rosalía, has become a global sensation with her modern flamenco style.

Rosalía ranks among the best Spanish female vocalists for her innovative music and strong vocal skills. She has collaborated with some artists like Bad Bunny, a Latin American singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico. He won international recognition for his music, which includes genres like reggaeton and Latin trap.


Releasing her debut album "Pafuera Telarañas" in 2004, Bebe emerged as a powerful voice in Spanish pop and rock. Her music often includes elements of folk and her lyrics are rich with emotion and feminist themes. Her song "Malo" is an anthem against domestic violence.

Paulina Rubio

She began her solo career in the 1990s and enjoyed much of her success in the early 2000s.

Her 2002 album "Border Girl" was her entry into the English-speaking market. She mixed Latin pop with mainstream pop and rock, and it helped her become internationally famous.

We can say that the 2000 brought us top Spanish female singers. They are famous female Spanish singers that have worked hard and become known for their special voices and memorable songs. These are the women whose albums you find in every collection, whose songs you know by heart.

The Pop Phenomenon: Spanish Pop Female Singers

Spanish pop female singers have changed the music scene with their new and exciting styles. They are bold and not scared to try different sounds. This courage has made them popular all over the world.

One famous group in this revolution is La Oreja de Van Gogh. This band from Spain mixes traditional pop with new elements, creating unique and catchy music. They started in the late 1990s and quickly became a hit in Spain and beyond. Their songs often tell stories, and their music is easy to relate to, which makes them stand out.

Amaia Montero, the lead singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, helped the band succeed in the 2000s. Her unique voice and emotional lyrics shaped the band's sound and made their songs famous in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Her singing deeply touched people, helping to create hits like "La Playa" and "Rosas." In 2007, Amaia left the band to start her solo career and continued to produce music that connects with her fans.

These artists are driving significant changes in the perception and sound of Spanish pop music. Their mix of different music styles and outreach to international audiences has made Spanish pop more popular than ever. Fans worldwide love and follow their music, showing how influential Spanish pop female singers have become.

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